How to fix a Drain line at your house.

Before you make any repairs to your plumbing drains lets identify the type of drainline you have installed. If you have any trouble following this guide just call Pennine Plumbing the Best Fullerton Plumber. Also remeber if you need any cross connection work done they are on the Orange County backflow tester list.

Have you ever been unfortunate enough to have a drain line at your house malfunction. Many things can go wrong with a drainimages (7) line. They can crack and break or in some cases even shift causing them to “grade” or drain in the wrong direction. Depending on the year or time that your house or structure was built you can have different types of plumbing drain systems. Some older systems were put together with lead and oakum pipe. This pipe is one of the oldest and hardest to assemble. You have to melt lead and then pour it into the joint that joins the 2 pipes together. The oakum is like a twine rope which is stuffed in the fitting and used to control and maneuver the lead. This type of installation is dated and is not commonly used anymore except in special circumstances.

You may also have abs pipe. Abs pipe is a type of plastic pipe which is held together by an abs glue. This pipe is much more images (8)durable than lead an oakum. Due to the fact that this material is plastic it has less tendency to corrode. This means that the pipe is less likely to become misshaped or blocked inside and will make for much easier maintenance for a much longer period of time. This pipe is a lot lighter and thinner in weight so it does have its downsides. Often times this pipe is used in homes because it is cheap easy to install and its downsides will not really affect a homeowner. So what are the downsides you ask? Well this pipe is loud. Lets say for example you flush a toilet you can hear the water running through this pipe in the wall. so in a commercial setting where you have many toilets and a professional setting these pipes are not the go to for this reason.

Another popular materiel used in plumbing drain systems probably the most common is cast iron pipes. These cast iron pipes are very similar to the ones used in lead and oakum only now we can install them with no hub bands. Rather than have to melt the lead and bind the pipes this way we now have bands which are made of rubber with clamps. The rubber makes the water downloadtight seal and the clamps hold everything together and in place. The installation of this type of cast iron pipes is much faster and much easier. One man can do the job of three with this method. They also make special band for this pipe called fernco or mission bands. These band are not “shielded” meaning the rubber does not have a metal protective shield around the outside.

Now in special cases you may see that a DWV version of PVC is used for drain lines. This is not very common and is typically only used in special cases. You can easily identify this pipe by its white color.

Regardless which of these pipes you have at your location there are fundamental guidelines that need to be followed. There needs to be a certain grade to allow the lines to drain properly. Also there needs to be sufficient venting to allow the pipes to drain properly without creating an air lock. Not to mention that certain directional fittings must be used in certain areas to allow proper drainage as well.

To make sure these drain lines can be maintained for years to come we need to ensure that proper access points called cleanout are installed. California plumbing code requires that these cleanout be installed every 100 feet on the drain line. There are also some special cases where they may be required as well but this is a good rule of thumb.


Does your Dishwasher have dirty water in it?

Does your dishwasher have dirty water in it? can you not figure out why? well you have come to the right place. If your download (1)dishwasher has dirty drain water in it this can be a problem. First off all the dishwasher is supposed to be a clean place and if it has drain water in it now it is contaminated. Water from your sink or shower that is drained is not called sewage water it is called gray water. That is most likely what you have in your dishwasher.

For starters we need to do a bit of observing to figure out what is going wrong here. A dishwasher is usually connected to an air gap. this are gap help prevent problems like this. The air gap is that little thing on top of your sink that you have always wondered what purpose it served. well now you know. If this air gap is not installed then we have found the first part of your problem.

Now just because you don’t have an air gap does not mean you will have a problem the only way the water can get into this line is if you have a kitchen stoppage. When the kitchen backs up the water backs up into your garbage disposal where your dishwasher is tied in and then can travel down the line to the dishwasher the best way to quickly solve this problem is to add an air gap and run a kitchen snake to clear the kitchen stoppage.

So in conclusion if ever you have grey water or dirty sink water that build up in your dishwasher first thing you need to do is download (2)look for an air gap if one is not installed install one immediately also after that you would be wise to run a kitchen snake to clear any stoppage.

While your under the sink messing with all these lines. You might also make sure the plastic insert in your garbage disposal is removed. If this plastic insert is not removed it will cause problems whenever the dishwasher tries to drain into that line. Instead it will discharge into the sink through the air gap.